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Welcome to this website.

So, let’s start getting rid of the Fruit Flies in your house, in your Kitchen or in your Bathroom.


If this has become a real problem you have to deal with urgently, you may find a solution in the ‘EMERGENCY‘ part.
This will help you to find an effective way to take action quickly.


Fruit Fly Traps

If the problem is not that big yet but you just don’t want it to go out of hand, you may have some fun testing some of the fruit fly traps.
Have a look at the ‘Fun’ and the ‘Traps‘ parts.
New ways for building traps or new baits will be added here as soon as they are found.

Traps don’t offer a definitive solution. They only reduce the problem

Have fun catching Fruit Flies

The fun-part describes some methods that are not very effective but they are just fun to observe.


If you finally got rid of the fruit flies and you never want to see them again in your house, look at the prevention part to find some tips to get them out for good.

Catch Fruit Flies without killing them

You really want those fruit flies out of your house but you hate to kill living creatures, than look in the ‘Without killing‘ part’ where you will find some Fruit Fly-friendly traps.